Joel Osteen SuccessJoel Osteen is probably one of the most influential and successful preachers in the US. I’m a big fan, and have listened to many of his sermons. He speaks of hope, and his secret is speaking in terms of real issues and real people. He doesn’t preach at you, but instead he tells stories filled with optimism and faith. This practical religion formula has caused him to take a small church, and make Lakewood Church into one of the biggest in Texas, if not the United States. If you’ve never heard of Joel Osteen, check out his website here.

But enough about Joel Osteen and his success. Let’s find out what his secrets to success are, and how we can replicate these success principles into our own lives! These principles aren’t limited to religion or Christianity. People of all faiths can use these rules to succeed in life. I hope you use them to make our world a much better place!

For those of you who don’t want to read, here’s the video:

  1. Plant the right seeds (We will eat the fruits of our words)
  2. Be in peace (Don’t worry so much)
  3. Don’t accept mediocrity (Strive for a better life)
  4. Invite positive things to your life (Expect the best in life)
  5. Don’t give up (Keep on going)
  6. Stay grounded (Don’t get lost, stay on the right track)
  7. Let go of the past (Keep looking ahead)
  8. Be practical (Don’t just theorize)
  9. Don’t waste your pain (If you’re struggling, keep going and benefit from that struggle)
  10. Let your enemies motivate you (Don’t let your enemies get you down, use them to drive you to greatness)

I hope this has inspired you to make some changes in your life and live a more fulfilled life. Comment below to let me know your thoughts on this video, and let me know what your favorite success rule is. Look forward to hearing your feedback!