The Best Christian Songs For Praise

chistian musicReligion isn’t just about going to church on Sundays, listening to a sometimes boring sermon, and going home. This wasn’t necessarily helpful for many people, and a younger generation moved away from Christianity because of out of date practices. Some churches caught on, and adjusted successfully to attract a new generation of worshippers. They did this with fun activities, younger priests, and changing the sermons to deal with issues younger people are facing, such as bullying and sensitive subjects such as promise rings. We personally attracted a new generation through music.

Music has the power to bring us all together. That’s why a concert unites us all. Whatever the music, whatever the religion, music can be very powerful. Christian music has the added benefit that it conveys a positive message. A message of hope, love and kindness. Something missing in a lot of popular music unfortunately. The music and message has been lost in the MTV clips brainwashing people into believing happiness comes from being unfaithful and going against God.

Sometimes I come across a new artist that truly takes my breath away! Take for example Lauren Daigle, a new and upcoming Christian artist. She is a fabulous vocalist who is insanely popular, but hasn’t sacrificed her own beliefs to gain that popularity. Her songs are inspirational and provide a platform for belief and religion. I’ve watched this video quite a few times and listened to her songs more than once! Listen to Lauren Daigle’s Trust in you below:

If you’d like some more inspiration to who is the new upcoming artist, and who’s gaining in popularity check out Billboard for the top charts. I’d like to know who your favorite artist is, and what your thoughts are on worship music.