td jakesBishop T.D. Jakes has inspired me for many years now, and he has done the same to millions of other people. I found the below video, which summarizes he’s key teachings and gives you his best material. Watching this video will inspire you, drive you to greatness. Whether you are religious or not, this man can help you become a better version of yourself instantaneously.

He preaches at the The Potter’s House, which has 30,000 members, a church he build from the ground up and made into a mega-church. This result alone speaks for itself.


Here’s a summary of his rules to success:

  1. Enjoy the journey
    It’s important to have goals, but “celebrate all along the way”. Enjoy life the the fullest, don’t just wait for an excuse to be happy.
  2. Endure
    Keep going. This is a recurring theme in all successful people. As T.D. Jake’s put’s it so eloquently “You don’t know what you can take, until all hell breaks lose”. You have more courage than you can even imagine. You are made of some good stuff, so act like it!
  3. Follow your instincts
    It’s not all about intellect, sometimes it is necessary to follow your gut.
  4. Find your purpose
    Too many people give up hope. Keep going, what you’re doing now might not be your destiny, but might be your transportation to what you were put on this planet to do. So never give up. Keep your head up. Keep going as your purpose may be right around the corner, and you want to get there fast!
  5. Own your happiness
    Probably my favorite. Don’t give control over your happiness away to anyone. Be in charge over your own happiness. No one can make you happy. That power is within you, no outside of you.
  6. Value your time
    Don’t get caught up in the chaos. Be effective.
  7. Belief in yourself.
    If you don’t belief in yourself, no one else will, at least not for long.
  8. Turn disaster into direction
    Things go wrong. That’s a part of life. But find the positive and make the problems work for you.
  9. Reset once in a while
    You need a break occasionally. Go away. Take a holiday. Go do something new.
  10. Follow your dreams or as he put’s it “give birth to your dreams”