Norman Vincent Peale – The Power Of Positive Thinking

Norman Vincent Peale was a minister and author, who gained fame with his bestselling book The Power Of Positive Thinking. A book I’ve read many times, and learned some important life lessons from.

But instead of boring you with details about the life of a minister, take one minute to watch this video, and I DARE YOU not to want to change your life and become a better version of yourself. We’re capable of so much. Let’s start living up to our own potential.

Want some immediate motivation and inspiration? Here’s my four favorite quotes from Norman Vincent Peale:

  • Change your thoughts and you change your world.
  • Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.
  • Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
  • We’ve all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but I think it’s more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors.

Let me know what your favorite quote or video clips is from this man of religion. Leave your favorite quote in the comment box below. I look forward to finding a quote I’ve not yet read.

Can a psychic help you be a better person?

psychics and religionPsychics and religion do not always mix well. Both spiritualism and religion has been mixed up with scams, frauds, and bad news for a very long time. However, both have also done a lot of good to this world. Take religion for example, when practiced, it can cause people to obey laws, be better people and cause peace. Of course, it has also caused wars and extremist behaviors for as long as humanity can be traced back. So to dismiss psychics and spiritualism immediately would be a mistake.

Do psychics exist?

I’m not just a man of faith. I’m also a scientist. While I was very skeptical of psychic readings, I did my research and found that certain people do have powers. Some can be explained, some cannot. Certain people have a very keen sense, and can apply this to help people. Others sense or see certain things which can help guide people’s paths. Fortunetellers predict the future. All of this makes sense to me and I have benefited immensely from using psychics in the past. However fortunetellers I do not believe in. I do not believe that anyone has the power to predict what will happen with absolute certainty. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Where to get a psychic reading?

So you’re thinking that maybe you should give this whole thing a try? Maybe you’re feeling lost in life, or like many of us, need some guidance on where to go in life. A real psychic reading can help you figure things out. Unfortunately, there are so many bad ones out there. They might not have bad intentions, but some readers will do more harm than good. Others do have bad intentions, and are scammers and should be avoided at all costs.

But there are plenty of very high quality services out there, both offline and online. For example, I recently read an in-depth california psychics review. This is an absolute must-read if you’re interested in exploring the world of online psychic readings.

Another thing I’ve explored in recent years is online tarot readings. This brings us closer to spirituality and in some ways religion. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it can be incredibly helpful. The idea that a set of cards can give you guidance to life’s challenges sounds ridiculous. I thought so too at first, however it does appear to help a great deal of people. Before you go out and find someone, make sure they are reputable, read some customer reviews and make sure they are qualified to give you the advice you are seeking. The best psychic source reviews all state that this is the best website, so that’s a great start. But I’d recommend doing your own research and going with the service you feel best about.

I’m sure I’ve offended and shocked a few of my readers by talking about tarot and psychics. That’s fine. I don’t think we need to be in a world where we don’t explore what lies beyond our own comfort zones. Religion is not about going to church each Sunday. Religion is about being a better person, which I try to help you become through these posts.

Let me know your thoughts and experiences like always in the comment box below, or send me a message.

Top 10 Rules For Success By Bishop T. D. Jakes

td jakesBishop T.D. Jakes has inspired me for many years now, and he has done the same to millions of other people. I found the below video, which summarizes he’s key teachings and gives you his best material. Watching this video will inspire you, drive you to greatness. Whether you are religious or not, this man can help you become a better version of yourself instantaneously.

He preaches at the The Potter’s House, which has 30,000 members, a church he build from the ground up and made into a mega-church. This result alone speaks for itself.


Here’s a summary of his rules to success:

  1. Enjoy the journey
    It’s important to have goals, but “celebrate all along the way”. Enjoy life the the fullest, don’t just wait for an excuse to be happy.
  2. Endure
    Keep going. This is a recurring theme in all successful people. As T.D. Jake’s put’s it so eloquently “You don’t know what you can take, until all hell breaks lose”. You have more courage than you can even imagine. You are made of some good stuff, so act like it!
  3. Follow your instincts
    It’s not all about intellect, sometimes it is necessary to follow your gut.
  4. Find your purpose
    Too many people give up hope. Keep going, what you’re doing now might not be your destiny, but might be your transportation to what you were put on this planet to do. So never give up. Keep your head up. Keep going as your purpose may be right around the corner, and you want to get there fast!
  5. Own your happiness
    Probably my favorite. Don’t give control over your happiness away to anyone. Be in charge over your own happiness. No one can make you happy. That power is within you, no outside of you.
  6. Value your time
    Don’t get caught up in the chaos. Be effective.
  7. Belief in yourself.
    If you don’t belief in yourself, no one else will, at least not for long.
  8. Turn disaster into direction
    Things go wrong. That’s a part of life. But find the positive and make the problems work for you.
  9. Reset once in a while
    You need a break occasionally. Go away. Take a holiday. Go do something new.
  10. Follow your dreams or as he put’s it “give birth to your dreams”

Top 10 Rules For Success By Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen SuccessJoel Osteen is probably one of the most influential and successful preachers in the US. I’m a big fan, and have listened to many of his sermons. He speaks of hope, and his secret is speaking in terms of real issues and real people. He doesn’t preach at you, but instead he tells stories filled with optimism and faith. This practical religion formula has caused him to take a small church, and make Lakewood Church into one of the biggest in Texas, if not the United States. If you’ve never heard of Joel Osteen, check out his website here.

But enough about Joel Osteen and his success. Let’s find out what his secrets to success are, and how we can replicate these success principles into our own lives! These principles aren’t limited to religion or Christianity. People of all faiths can use these rules to succeed in life. I hope you use them to make our world a much better place!

For those of you who don’t want to read, here’s the video:

  1. Plant the right seeds (We will eat the fruits of our words)
  2. Be in peace (Don’t worry so much)
  3. Don’t accept mediocrity (Strive for a better life)
  4. Invite positive things to your life (Expect the best in life)
  5. Don’t give up (Keep on going)
  6. Stay grounded (Don’t get lost, stay on the right track)
  7. Let go of the past (Keep looking ahead)
  8. Be practical (Don’t just theorize)
  9. Don’t waste your pain (If you’re struggling, keep going and benefit from that struggle)
  10. Let your enemies motivate you (Don’t let your enemies get you down, use them to drive you to greatness)

I hope this has inspired you to make some changes in your life and live a more fulfilled life. Comment below to let me know your thoughts on this video, and let me know what your favorite success rule is. Look forward to hearing your feedback!

The Best Christian Songs For Praise

chistian musicReligion isn’t just about going to church on Sundays, listening to a sometimes boring sermon, and going home. This wasn’t necessarily helpful for many people, and a younger generation moved away from Christianity because of out of date practices. Some churches caught on, and adjusted successfully to attract a new generation of worshippers. They did this with fun activities, younger priests, and changing the sermons to deal with issues younger people are facing, such as bullying and sensitive subjects such as promise rings. We personally attracted a new generation through music.

Music has the power to bring us all together. That’s why a concert unites us all. Whatever the music, whatever the religion, music can be very powerful. Christian music has the added benefit that it conveys a positive message. A message of hope, love and kindness. Something missing in a lot of popular music unfortunately. The music and message has been lost in the MTV clips brainwashing people into believing happiness comes from being unfaithful and going against God.

Sometimes I come across a new artist that truly takes my breath away! Take for example Lauren Daigle, a new and upcoming Christian artist. She is a fabulous vocalist who is insanely popular, but hasn’t sacrificed her own beliefs to gain that popularity. Her songs are inspirational and provide a platform for belief and religion. I’ve watched this video quite a few times and listened to her songs more than once! Listen to Lauren Daigle’s Trust in you below:

If you’d like some more inspiration to who is the new upcoming artist, and who’s gaining in popularity check out Billboard for the top charts. I’d like to know who your favorite artist is, and what your thoughts are on worship music.